Improving research infrastructure and sharing data is central to the APCDR’s mission of improving human health in Africa.

The UMIC data centre project is an infrastructural capacity resource that will facilitate and promote data sharing and will also enable the analysis of big data.

By making APCDR governance templates open-source, the APCDR aims to share best practice in international consortium partnership organisation, reflecting the transparent nature of the programme and delivering on its commitment to have the greatest impact possible on global health.

Published papers

The need for an integrated approach for chronic disease research and care in Africa

By: A. L. Barr, et al.

Ref: doi:10.1017/gheg.2016.16

Association of HIV and ART with cardiometabolic traits in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

By: David G Dillon, Deepti Gurdasani. et al.

Ref: doi:10.1093/ije/dyt198

Open-source electronic data capture system offered increased accuracy and cost-effectiveness compared with paper methods in Africa

By: David G. Dillon, et al.


H3Africa multi-centre study of the prevalence and environmental and genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa: study protocol

By: K. Ekoru, et al.

Ref: doi:10.1017/gheg.2015.6

Study profile: the Durban Diabetes Study (DDS): a platform for chronic disease research

By: T. R. Hird, et al.

Ref: doi:10.1017/gheg.2015.3